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Copenhagen style Large Carafe

Copenhagen style Large Carafe
Copenhagen style Large Carafe
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Like the idea of dual-purpose vessels? Use this Copenhagen Carafe to create a simple tabletop centerpiece vase or use the hand-blown glass vessels as a carafe to serve drinks and spirits at parties and family get-togethers. More details...

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Use the hand-blown glass vessels as a carafe to serve drinks and spirits at parties and family get-togethers. Each carafe comes with a wood sphere stopper to keep the terrarium's humidity in or to keep the bugs out of your favorite beverage.

Click to see a similar carafe planted as a terrarium in Sunset Magazine.*

Large - approx. 5" diameter x 11" tall

Hand-blown glass, wooden sphere stopper

How to Create a Tabletop Terrarium:
1. Choose the right plants. Look for plants that like low to medium light in the smallest pot available. Here are some favorites: Ajuga, club moss, Fittonia, polka dot plant (Hypoestes), small ferns, dwarf mondo grass, Peperomia, miniature African violets

2. Fill the bottom of our Roost Coppenhagen Carafe and Terrarium with 1-3" layer of activated charcoal for drainage and odor control (find charcoal at local nurseries or pet stores).

2. Add at least 2" of sterile soil-less potting mix on top of your charcoal. Add as much potting mix as you can.

3. Remove your plant(s) from the pot, break up the roots if they're root bound, and remove excess soil.

4. Dig a little hole using our handy Terrarium Tools. Place your plant in the hole and tamp the soil around the roots, eliminating any air pockets.

5. Water your new mini garden world with a plastic spray bottle, taking care not to over water. Check every couple of weeks to see if the soil is dry.

Please Note: "Don't fertilize your terrarium because you don't want to encourage growth" -- Words of wisdom by Kerry Michaels of About.com

*Image credit: The Fern and Mossery Blog

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