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Add these beautiful items to your home and create your own Modern style!
Show product details for Insect Matches

Insect Matches

Price $4.50

50 extra large 4 1/2 inch long matches to add a decorative touch to your fireplace mantle. These beautiful boxes have your choice of designs below. Choose one or all 3 designs.

Show product details for Tabletop Lantern

Tabletop Lantern

Price $19.95

Tabletop Lantern is formed from metal and wire and will add texture as well as light to your outdoor gatherings. Holds votives or candles up to 3" in diameter. Candle sold separately.

Show product details for Willow Gathering Baskets

Willow Gathering Baskets

Price $29.95

These huge willow gathering baskets are wonderful for carrying to the farmer's market or to the garden, or even for a picnic. The larger one measures 22" x 13" x 14" and the smaller one is 15 x 9 1/2 x 10". You will use them for everything! Choose large or small below.

Show product details for Insect Design Pillows

Insect Design Pillows

Price $94.95

Transform your living room or garden space with this Beautiful set of Indoor Outdoor Pillows. Made from 100% polyester Climaweave they are an eye-catching accent in any room as well as outdoors on a garden or patio bench. Set of 4, Butterfly, Dragonfly, Bees, & Ladybugs.

Show product details for Square Terrarium baskets set of 3

Square Terrarium baskets set of 3

Price $79.95

Arranging this set of 3 square terrariums gives height and dimension to your decor. Fill them with anything from moss, sand, rare stones, shells, pinecones, acorns, succulents or even air plants to bring the outdoors inside!

Show product details for Copenhagen style Large Carafe

Copenhagen style Large Carafe

Price $39.95

Like the idea of dual-purpose vessels? Use this Copenhagen Carafe to create a simple tabletop centerpiece vase or use the hand-blown glass vessels as a carafe to serve drinks and spirits at parties and family get-togethers.

Click to see a similar carafe planted as a terrarium in Sunset Magazine.*

Show product details for Dragonfly Carafe

Dragonfly Carafe

Price $32.95

Carafe in blown glass, decorated with 4 raised dragonflies. Add style to your garden with our dragonfly collection.

Show product details for Egg Salt & Pepper Silver Server set

Egg Salt & Pepper Silver Server set

Price $34.95

Putting these beautiful silver eggs, filled with flavored salts and spices will bring shine and elegance to your table. They come with a little spoon for sprinkling and they have a beautiful chime sound.

Show product details for Hand carved Shesham wood Artichokes

Hand carved Shesham wood Artichokes

Price $24.95

Carved Wood Artichokes are equally at home as a centerpiece or adornment on the mantelpiece. Available in two sizes, hand-carved from Shesham wood, their beauty will only deepen over time. Use them to add seasonal interest to your home, in place of objects gathered outdoors that quickly disintegrate. Arrange with candles, bowls of oranges, or tucked in a statement floral design. For the best effect, we recommend grouping the varying sizes.

Show product details for Lotus Silver Salt & Pepper Shakers

Lotus Silver Salt & Pepper Shakers

Price $56.95

Roost has used real dried lotus pods as the model for these salt and pepper shakers, which are made from silver-plated brass. Each piece is beautifully cast with great textural detail. These make a wonderful wedding gift for nature lovers.

Show product details for Rustic Ceramic Pitcher

Rustic Ceramic Pitcher

Price $22.95

This beautiful, rustic Ceramic Pitcher reminds you of milk fresh from the farm and simpler times. With its slightly pink background and sage green flowers it will also give any group of flowers a lovely background.

Show product details for Carved Wood Hummingbirds set of 2

Carved Wood Hummingbirds set of 2

Price $29.95

Set of 2 Hand Carved birds with intricate detail and light as air will hover over your table or in front of a window in the breeze. Strung on fishing line which is nearly invisible.

Show product details for Moroccan Paisley Pillow

Moroccan Paisley Pillow

Price $22.95

Sharp vivid colors of pinks, oranges, golds, reds. Lovely for your outdoor seating or use it indoors too! Size: 18" x 13". USA Made.

Show product details for Bird Candles

Bird Candles

Price $15.95

Finely crafted bird candles will find lots of fun places to land in your home. Delightful alone or together in a flock, the green, gray or ivory birds are so decorative, you'll hate to light them.

Show product details for Glass Bird Tealights

Glass Bird Tealights

Price $22.95

Give these hand-formed glass birds a special spot to land in your home. Crafted from borosilicate glass, the cute little critters sparkle when illuminated with a single candle. Cardinal available only.

Show product details for Glass Tea Light Logs

Glass Tea Light Logs

Price $15.95

Whether creating ambiance for dinner guests or simply enjoying a quiet night at home, this stylish tealight log is perfect throughout the seasons. They appear as though they are gently floating on your dinner table. If you're feeling more inspired by your garden, place floral accents inside the candle holders to add a more modern flare. If you're wanting a minimalist feel, simply use our artichoke tea lights for a nature-inspired centerpiece. Either way, you bring out the warmth of your home.

Show product details for Artichoke Tea Lights

Artichoke Tea Lights

Price $19.95

Bring the memories of spring to your home with these artichoke tea lights. Elegantly made, as the flame begins to melt the candles, the layers begin to unfurl.

Show product details for Aspen Garland of Strung Pinecones

Aspen Garland of Strung Pinecones

Price $34.95

This strung pinecone garland is sure to be the perfect accent to your holiday decor. With so many sizes and types of pinecones, the look is very attractive. Bringing nature indoors for the fall helps warm the hearth and home.

Show product details for Metal Tabletop 5 candle holder

Metal Tabletop 5 candle holder

Price $38.95

5-votive holder is a sleek and stylish way to light the room. Base is made from metal in an antique bronze finish and features simple, modern lines that complement any decor.

Show product details for Recycled Glass Bottle Lanterns

Recycled Glass Bottle Lanterns

Price $39.95

Candlelight is protected from summer breezes in hurricanes crafted from recycled bottles. The tealight holders are set in simple, dark metal hangers. Add on Hooks sold separately below.

As seen on the Martha Stewart Living Show and featured on Remodelista.

Show product details for Glass Reed Vases set of 2

Glass Reed Vases set of 2

Price $32.95

A simple stem of flowers becomes a work of art in a reed sage colored vase set. Handcrafted by artisans, these stunning vases capture and diffuse light due to the organic ridges in the glass. The artisans grind away the second layer of glass to create a naturalistic reed pattern.

Show product details for Glass Vases & Flower Frogs

Glass Vases & Flower Frogs

Price $39.95

The sturdy frog pieces can hold both singe stems and heavy branches and are sized to fit our selection of mouth-blown clear glass vases.

Click pull down below for available vase sizes.

Show product details for Decorative Sunflower Trays

Decorative Sunflower Trays

Price $28.95

These sunny Sunflower trays are colorful as well as useful. They look great arranged on a wall, indoors or outdoors, or they can be used on the table or even used as a table with a simple stand. Get creative and let the sun shine in! 3 sizes available, or choose a set of 3.

Show product details for Carved Wood Doorstop

Carved Wood Doorstop

Price $22.95

This helpful bird doorstop is hand-crafted of two types of hardwood. A leather hand pull ensures easy removal.

Show product details for Lavender Flower Bunches

Lavender Flower Bunches

Price $19.95

South of France grown lavender - a classic country favourite! Perfectly scented and ready for your bathroom, bedroom, or anywhere you want to add fragrance and beauty. Dark blue flowers in large bunches. Add our French milk can to hold them.

Show product details for Lavender Flowers in a French Pot

Lavender Flowers in a French Pot

Price $39.95

Perfect for a Holiday gift, Bedroom, Bathroom or Kitchen decoration this bouquet of dried lavender flowers is so fragrant! Placed into a French flower gathering pot, it is rustic and beautiful for any location in your home.

Show product details for Bird Cage Mobile

Bird Cage Mobile

Price $24.95

List Price: $29.95

You Save: $5.00 (17%)

Here's your chance to be a pet owner without all the work. Just hang this delightful bird cage mobile prominently in your home and pretend you hear the chirps. Laser cut from 100% museum board, this finely crafted mobile is so realistically designed it's almost like having an actual pet bird... except you won't have to clean the cage.

Show product details for Retro Owl Mobile

Retro Owl Mobile

Price $24.95

List Price: $29.95

You Save: $5.00 (17%)

Include retro modern sensibility to your decorative repertoire. This mobile was developed from the simplicity and elegance of Japanese and Danish designs of the 1960's.

The saturated colors pop with the perfection that only laser cut precision can bring. Helene Ige's Wise ol' Owl brings the spirit of the protector and goddess of foresight and knowledge to your home.

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