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Greenbo Frog Water Meter

Greenbo Frog Water Meter
Greenbo Frog Water Meter
SKU: GD002
Take the guess work out of watering your container plants. Greenbo's Frog Water Meter will instantly let you know the soil's moisture level indoor and outdoor plants.

Also a fun way to teach kids the importance of watering the soil, not the plants.

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The copper stick senses the moisture levels of the soil and indicates it on the face of Mr. Frog; wet, dry, or moist. Leave it in one place to help you gauge the moisture level day-to-day, or move it from plant to plant as you water. No batteries required.

Each meter approximately 10" long

High-quality plastic (frog), copper (probe)

Frequently Asked Questions:
How long does the Greenbo Water Meter need to be left in the soil to register moisture level?
The moisture level is measured instantly. The copper probe quickly senses the water levels.

How long do I have to wait before placing the Greenbo Water Meter in another spot?
No waiting. The Greenbo Water Meter instantly resets itself.

Will the bright green plastic fade in the sun?
Absolutely not! It is made of high quality plastic with UV ingredients.

Will the Greenbo Water Meter be damaged if left in one place?
No. You may use it to always know moisture level as the tab will move from left to right as moisture levels change.

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