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Garden Decor

Show product details for Glass Tea Light Logs

Glass Tea Light Logs

Price $15.95

Whether creating ambiance for dinner guests or simply enjoying a quiet night at home, this stylish tealight log is perfect throughout the seasons. They appear as though they are gently floating on your dinner table

Show product details for Artichoke Tea Lights

Artichoke Tea Lights

Price $19.95

Bring the memories of spring to your home with these artichoke tea lights. Elegantly made, as the flame begins to melt the candles, the layers begin to unfurl.

Show product details for Soji Stella Solar Lanterns

Soji Stella Solar Lanterns

Price $24.95

Beautiful for nighttime entertaining, these glistening little lanterns will provide subtle light for your patio or garden. Reminiscent of "Tin Art" in a punched luminaria, the Soji Stella solar lantern is a beautiful and unique way to dress up outdoor spaces.

Show product details for Lavender Flowers in a French Pot

Lavender Flowers in a French Pot

Price $39.95

Perfect for a Holiday gift, Bedroom, Bathroom or Kitchen decoration this bouquet of dried lavender flowers is so fragrant! Placed into a French flower gathering pot, it is rustic and beautiful for any location in your home.

Show product details for TAJ Candle Holder

TAJ Candle Holder

Price $29.95

This candle holder is a perfect lantern for outdoors with it's stainless steel trim and leather handle, take it for a walk to the beach or dress up your nighttime garden dinner table.

Show product details for Bottle Tealight Holder - Clear

Bottle Tealight Holder - Clear

Price $11.95

A unique way to incorporate candlelight into your home, the Bottle Tea light Holder is simple yet elegant and perfect for a dinner party. Add them to your patio for entertaining in your outdoor space.

Show product details for Pebble Candles set of 6

Pebble Candles set of 6

Price $26.95

Accent your décor with these unique candle sets, sure to catch the eye in your home. Richly textured with unique gradations in color, these unscented candle sets have the appearance of pebbles tumbled over and over in the sea.

Show product details for Windowsill Herb Planter set

Windowsill Herb Planter set

Price $39.95

This adorable and handy set fits perfectly on a small windowsill. This set provides fresh herbs right in your kitchen, where you cook! Comes with three certified organic live herb plants of your choice and growing instructions. Very easy for beginners to grow! Choose your color from Rust, Copper, Galvanized, White, or Green.

Show product details for Cast Iron Garden Tool Hooks

Cast Iron Garden Tool Hooks

Price $9.95

Cast iron garden hook is cleverly designed in the shape of rustic garden tools. Hang in the potting shed for a whimsical way to store your garden tools or use them to decorate your garden or patio.

Show product details for Colorful Mini Lanterns

Colorful Mini Lanterns

Price $3.75

These pretty little lanterns come in Turquoise, Yellow and Red colors and add a colorful soft light to your outdoor table or patio. Hang them in trees for a great decorative look!

Show product details for Hanging Bubble Terrarium Teardrop

Hanging Bubble Terrarium Teardrop

Price $29.95

Hangs anywhere to provide an instant garden. Perfect gift for your favorite green thumb. Indoor/outdoor multi-use terrarium

Show product details for Teardrop Mosaic Hummingbird Feeder

Teardrop Mosaic Hummingbird Feeder

Price $29.95

This beautiful feeder will keep them coming back for more and will add beauty and color to your garden at the same time! Gift wrapping available too! Comes in "Green" mosaic or "Purple" mosaic to reflect the sunshine with colors.

Show product details for Herb Drying Rack

Herb Drying Rack

Price $27.95

For drying freshly cut home grown herbs so they can be stored and used all year. Hand forged from steel, powder coated in matte black and comes with 6 hanging hooks.

Show product details for Harvest Moon Wooden Birdhouse and Feeder

Harvest Moon Wooden Birdhouse and Feeder

Price $29.95

Our Harvest Moon Birdhouse and feeder is bright red so the birds will find it easily and it will also add color to your garden.

Show product details for Harvest Moon Wooden Bird House

Harvest Moon Wooden Bird House

Price $29.95

This antiqued red wooden bird house is so cute and bright. The color will attract birds to your garden, it's move in ready!

Show product details for Garden Plant Tags

Garden Plant Tags

Price $13.95

Finally, stylish, modern plant tags that stay legible and are re-usable. Made from U/V resistant soft rubber, and printed with artistic herb or botanical silhouettes, these plant labels will only add to the beauty of your garden.

Show product details for Ceramic Hanging Bird Feeders

Ceramic Hanging Bird Feeders

Price $29.95

A modern twist in style for feeding wild birds. Sheltered feeding area and holds plenty of seed. Comes in Sky Blue, Bright Green or Cream colors.

Show product details for Colorful Tin Rooster

Colorful Tin Rooster

Price $59.95

This beautiful and proud rooster will accent your patio or garden, even your country kitchen! He stands 16" high and is very proud of his tail feathers!

Show product details for Double Wall Bowls

Double Wall Bowls

Price $9.95

When stored in our Double-Wall Bowls the beauty of just about anything is revealed. Crafted of mouth blown borosilicate glass and available in 5 sizes, they make a lovely addition to a garden table or use them just in the kitchen.

Show product details for Moroccan Paisley Pillow

Moroccan Paisley Pillow

Price $22.95

Sharp vivid colors of pinks, oranges, golds, reds. Lovely for your outdoor seating or use it indoors too! Size: 18" x 13". USA Made.

Show product details for Moroccan Paisley Pink Throw

Moroccan Paisley Pink Throw

Price $49.95

Sharp vivid colors of pinks, oranges, golds, reds. Size: 50" x 60" USA made. Lovely for your outdoor table or use it indoors too!

Show product details for Outdoor Floral Pillow

Outdoor Floral Pillow

Price $26.95

This "Martha's Choice" Climaweave Outdoor Pillow will add the perfect pop of color to your outdoor space! It is made of Climaweave fabric, an outdoor polyester fabric. Great for both indoor or outdoor decorating!

Show product details for Spring Serving Mexican Glassware

Spring Serving Mexican Glassware

Price $159.95

Welcome Spring and Summer with these beautiful glasses and serving pitcher. The colors will match any scheme and the Recycled Green Glass is made in Mexico by highly skilled artisans.

Show product details for Bali Collection Glassware set

Bali Collection Glassware set

Price $95.95

Give your garden the feel of the South Pacific with this all Natural and hand woven set. Functional and decorative for both indoor and outdoor use. Recycled Green Glass is hand made in Vietnam by highly skilled artisans.

Show product details for Portable Eco-Safe Planting bags

Portable Eco-Safe Planting bags

Price $12.95

These strong, natural jute bags with a water-resistant coating are eco-friendly and beautiful, as well as easy to use and store away when the season is over. Perfectly sized for vegetables, tomato plants, lettuces and other greens and herbs too! Easy to move from greenhouse to porch, deck or balcony.

Show product details for Growing Tower

Growing Tower

Price $29.95

This great little tower is perfect for loading up with strawberry plants, with herbs, or even flowers. Try a mixture of nasturtiums and herbs for the perfect patio herb garden. The unit stands 24" tall and has 24 holes all around its circumference. Use just a few holes or fill all of them with strawberry plants. Don't forget to fill the top too!

Show product details for Shiny Colorful Watering Cans

Shiny Colorful Watering Cans

Price $34.95

Our tasteful bright red or yellow watering can is made of steel and carries 1.5 gallons of water. Nice quality and very classy to carry and water your garden. Red is currently sold out.

Show product details for Mini Chalkboard Plant Markers

Mini Chalkboard Plant Markers

Price $24.95

Mark your herbs and vegetables with style using these rustic little chalkboards. Makes it easy to change them from season to season and they can be easily moved too! Comes with chalk and is a set of 4.

Show product details for MobileGro Portable Growing Cart

MobileGro Portable Growing Cart

Price $399.00

This beautiful, heavy duty, growing cart makes a fantastic tiered garden of vegetables, herbs, flowers or a combination of all 3. Sturdy and able to hold an entire small vegetable patch, herb garden, even pepper plants and dwarf tomatoes! Choose from the 3 tier or 4 tier option below.
Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Show product details for Wooden Four Step Plant Display Stand

Wooden Four Step Plant Display Stand

Price $59.00

This large Plant display measuring 17.5" wide with 4 sturdy shelves is perfect for a sunny room or outdoors on a patio. Grow your entire herb garden wherever you want it.

Show product details for Huge Antique Galvanized Planter set

Huge Antique Galvanized Planter set

Price $95.95

These Huge, heavy duty planters start at 23.25 x 16.25 x 13.5 are just perfect outdoors on a patio or in the garden and will last for years! Large enough to hold an entire herb garden. The medium size, at 19.5 X 14.25 X 11.5 is still quite large, and the smallest one is 15.5 x 12 x 10.

Show product details for Carved Wood Hummingbirds set of 2

Carved Wood Hummingbirds set of 2

Price $29.95

Set of 2 Hand Carved birds with intricate detail and light as air will hover over your table or in front of a window in the breeze. Strung on fishing line which is nearly invisible.

Show product details for Dog Flower Frog

Dog Flower Frog

Price $19.95

This adorable little dog will sit on your table and hold up to seven stems or bundles of stems of grasses, fern fronds, flowers or whatever you can come up with.

Show product details for Wooden Mushrooms

Wooden Mushrooms

Price $29.95

This realistic looking set of mushrooms is actually carved from wood and each one is totally unique.

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