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For The Birds

Show product details for Ornate Metal Bird Bath

Ornate Metal Bird Bath

Price $62.95

Offering ornate style for all the best birds that visit your garden, this bird bath will keep them coming all season long. Easy to assemble and keep clean.

Show product details for Glass Bird Tealights

Glass Bird Tealights

Price $22.95

Give these hand-formed glass birds a special spot to land in your home. Crafted from borosilicate glass, the cute little critters sparkle when illuminated with a single candle. Cardinal available only.

Show product details for Ceramic Hanging Bird Feeders

Ceramic Hanging Bird Feeders

Price $29.95

A modern twist in style for feeding wild birds. Sheltered feeding area and holds plenty of seed. Comes in Sky Blue, Bright Green or Cream colors.

Show product details for Sparrow Salt & Pepper Shakers

Sparrow Salt & Pepper Shakers

Price $19.95

These beautiful glass salt and pepper shakers, have just the right touch for the garden party table. These make a wonderful gift for bird lovers.

Show product details for Hanging Bird Feeder Tray

Hanging Bird Feeder Tray

Price $22.95

This helpful bird feeder is easy to hang just about anywhere but put it near a window to watch the birds play as they eat. Easy to keep clean and weather resistant black wire tray.

Show product details for Harvest Moon Wooden Birdhouse and Feeder

Harvest Moon Wooden Birdhouse and Feeder

Price $29.95

Our Harvest Moon Birdhouse and feeder is bright red so the birds will find it easily and it will also add color to your garden.

Show product details for Harvest Moon Wooden Bird House

Harvest Moon Wooden Bird House

Price $29.95

This antiqued red wooden bird house is so cute and bright. The color will attract birds to your garden, it's move in ready!

Show product details for Bodega Birdhouses

Bodega Birdhouses

Price $79.95

All the hip birds in your neighborhood will want to settle down in one of these stylish birdhouses. These modern bird homes are carefully constructed with recycled, reclaimed and repurposed materials for special features like teak roofs and rugged rope hangers.

Show product details for Modern Nesting Box

Modern Nesting Box

Price $69.95

Give your feathered friends a home to call their own as autumn comes to an end. Includes four interchangeable holes for different sized birds.

The bird box is made from white glazed terracotta accented with black plastic to protect the little chicks from all elements.

Show product details for Bird Candles

Bird Candles

Price $15.95

Finely crafted bird candles will find lots of fun places to land in your home. Delightful alone or together in a flock, the green, gray or ivory birds are so decorative, you'll hate to light them.

Show product details for Carved Wood Doorstop

Carved Wood Doorstop

Price $22.95

This helpful bird doorstop is hand-crafted of two types of hardwood. A leather hand pull ensures easy removal.

Show product details for Teardrop Mosaic Hummingbird Feeder

Teardrop Mosaic Hummingbird Feeder

Price $29.95

This beautiful feeder will keep them coming back for more and will add beauty and color to your garden at the same time! Gift wrapping available too! Comes in "Green" mosaic or "Purple" mosaic to reflect the sunshine with colors.

Show product details for Hummingbird Nectar 32oz concentrate

Hummingbird Nectar 32oz concentrate

Price $13.95

Feel comfortable feeding safely with this premixed nectar for hummingbirds. It is concentrated, just add water.

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