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About aHa!

Cindy Martin, owner

Thanks for clicking your way to aHa! Modern Living. We are here for those who enjoy exploring new territory, decorating your home with tasteful unique products, especially when it comes to creating your garden space. Before you get to exploring our site, let us fill you in on what kind of company you're about to do business with.

Why? Because we're a little different... and proud of it!

What We're All About

AML is not just about gardening as an occasional hobby. We're about environmental stewardship, community loyalty, global responsibility, and leading a healthy life. We believe in gardening because it unifies and permeates all of these things: gardening is good for our mental and physical health, provides us with fresh, nutritious food, and puts a little more green on this earth. Plus, gardening begets beauty. And who doesn't love to be surrounded by beautiful things?

Our Mission

  • We want to arm you with the tools necessary to garden to your heart's content, as big or small as you'd like. Even just one little green thing in a pot, or a terrarium is a garden.
  • Provide you, through our blog, with innovative and concise information about decorating, cooking, entertaining, and more.
  • Inspire you to see your front porch, backyard, balcony, patio, or windowsill in a new way. You don't need a sprawling piece of land to have a garden.
  • Surround you with stylish, unique and modern products that you love. If you adore the feeling of being outside with the fragrance of lilacs on the breeze, we'll help you discover how to bring this feeling into your own home.
  • Facilitate your movement towards living an earth-friendly life every day.
  • Show you how to discover gardening resources in your own local community.
  • Encourage you to find your own personal home oasis, whether that's through sharing a bountiful vegetable harvest with friends, or decorating your home with modern style.

How We Work

At aHa! Our number one goal is excellent customer service and we promise a fun and easy shopping experience. Why spend hours searching the entire Internet, for the perfect product, when we have it all right here? Welcome to a one-stop shopping experience, where you know you're dealing with people who have you in mind. Where we strive to make sure you enter and exit our site feeling good about us. Where your privacy and information are always safe.

You can feel secure that your products will be shipped immediately and safely and if you ever have a problem, we are here to help. Yep, we're different... because we believe that gardening and home design can be cool, fun and easy. So revel in your curiosity! We hope you find your aHa! moment...

Why aHa! Was Created

aHa! Modern Living was originally founded by Jayme Jenkins in November 2008 when she became listless when trying to find stylish options for her home and garden. Let's face it: who wants their space to look like it just jumped out of an ad for a big-box store?? Or something from their Grandma's era? Not us! We try to find unique, modern and eco-friendly home and garden accessories for people who like to be just a little different.

Where To Find Us

Catch up with aHa! Modern Living on Twitter, Facebook, and on our Blog.

We are located at:

973 County Road 8

Heflin, Alabama 36264

call us at 256-781-0981

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