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How to Get the Most From a Garden Show

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Guest Post by Laura Schaub of the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show

Flower and garden shows are magical events, especially when they occur in early spring. As a veteran of many shows and a past show-garden creator, I have advice that might make your next garden show even better. The pictures are from the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show archives.

(1) Dress for spring gardening, not a summer garden party. Jeans, comfortable shoes and several layers will keep you happier than a flowery frock and strappy sandals, especially if there are outdoor displays. Shows like San Francisco often cover several acres, and you’ll want to see every square inch.

(2) Bring a friend, someone who totally understands when you squeal  “oh my gosh, is that a [insert object of horticultural lust here]” and is willing to trudge the last weary mile with you.

(3) Bring a camera. There is an overwhelming amount to see at a garden show. Finding the most interesting and pleasing aspects of each garden to photograph can help you…focus! And don’t stop there: post your photos to Flickr and tag them with the name of the show for others to enjoy!

(4) Keep your hands free to take notes, snap pictures, and hug your friends; wear a backpack or a cross-body messenger bag. Lightweight rolling carts are very popular among the savviest show visitors (just mind people’s shins!)

(5) Try not to touch. Yes, this is hard, but please don’t use those free hands to touch everything you see. This gentlemen gets an A+ for proper attire, but considering that 50,000 people will be seeing this garden, that plant isn’t going to last long if everyone touches it (and don’t even get me started on picking!)