The Best Watering Cans For Your Indoor Plants

Watering cans for indoor plantsHydrating your indoor plants is not as simple as filling up your watering pot and emptying it into the soil. In reality, watering your plants whenever you remember to or as part of your daily routine are both practices that are potentially harmful to their wellbeing.

Most house plants die for one of two reasons – dehydration or too much hydration. Too much hydration often masquerades as ‘pampering’ – we love our plants, we want our plants to thrive and bear flowers and fruit and improve our spaces, and so sometimes we give them too much of a good thing. An overabundance of water forces oxygen out of the root zone, blocking the roots from delivering important nutrients to the plant. Bottom line, there is no uniform watering rule and researching the moisture conditions of your house plants is essential to their survival. For example, some plants, like cacti, don’t need a lot of water, while plants that come from a marsh or a bog environment love to be water-soaked at all times. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Ways to Update Your Space with Modern Décor Accessories

cluster-of-lantersDoes your home need a design upgrade? Before you completely re-work a room, tear up the carpet, paint the walls, or buy new furniture, consider adding a few modern pieces to your space first. A couple – or even just one carefully placed object – has the ability to liven up a room or outdoor space without requiring a laborious and time-intensive makeover.
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Kitchen Composting – 11 Items to Put In Your Kitchen Composter

Kitchen Compost CollectorWhether you are a neophyte or an avid composter, composting in your kitchen is an incredibly useful and environmentally beneficial practice.

Consider your trash can – it’s stuffed throughout the week with food scraps, cooked and leftover food, cardboard, paper towels, dust, coffee filters, tea bags, and other household expendables. What if you could cut down on a significant portion of your household trash, decrease the presence of fruit flies, and eliminate unpleasant odors?
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Why Garlic Presses Are Versatile Time-Savers

Garlic PressPeeling and mincing garlic is a time-consuming task. Picking the sticky, flaky skin off of each clove and carefully mincing the delicate flesh into uniform bits requires skill, time, and patience (three things that home cooks sometimes lack). The garlic press, arguably one of the most controversial kitchen tools of the last century, is often used by cooks to save time. Its propensity for simplifying a common cooking annoyance has made it a popular utility tool in many kitchens.


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Growing Your Own Herb Garden: Benefits and Tips

Growing Your Own Herb Garden: Benefits and Tips

It is a known fact that gardening relieves stress. You may wish to try your hand at gardening too but are not sure if it will work out fine. Some people may be turned off at the thought of getting mud all over their hands. Perhaps you think you don’t have enough space for a garden. Whatever your apprehensions, growing herbs will be the perfect thing for you.

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Full Circle Sustainable Cleaning Supplies

Sustainable Compost bin

The Scrap Happy Compost bin

Full Circle Sustainable Cleaning Supplies and Kitchen Products

Every now and then, we come across a product that is so simple and yet so ingenious that it falls into the “life changing” category. You know the kind; they’re the ones that make you smack your forehead and ask “how did I ever live without this?” This is how we feel about the Full Circle kitchen products.

Our very favorite is the new Scrap Happy Scrap Collector and Freezer Compost Bin. We totally love composting because it drastically cuts down on the amount of trash we produce, and it also provides excellent (and free!) nutrition for our gardens. But less lovely is the process of collecting waste to add to our outdoor compost heap. Counter top compost bins can eat up prep space, and on the inside, coffee grounds, apple cores and banana peels become a stinky, slimy mess, and even attract fruit flies. Ugh!
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Earlywood Design products save trees

Earlywood Kitchen tools

Earlywood Trifecta includes the 2 sizes of Spatulas and a Spreader and come in 4 wood types.

Earlywood Design products save trees while being more functional than other tools clogging up your kitchen drawers.

Earlywood crafts their tools from sustainable wood and the artistry involved is impressive.  These tools are meant to last for generations and if treated with oil as needed, they will be handed down to your children and their children!  Not just beautiful, they are functional.  How many times have you been stirring a pot and wondered when the spoon didn’t reach the edges of the pot, “why am I using this tool?”   With these spatulas you can practically throw out every other stirring tool or spatula you have and you will reach for them every time. Read the rest of this entry »

Our Porcelain Amuse-Bouche set is new!

amuse bouche appetizer spoons set
Have you ever been to a restaurant that has offered you an amuse bouche? Literally meaning a mouth amuser, they are served in fine restaurants as a gift from the chef to start the meal with excitement.  Served in a small dish or a spoon, they are generally very decorative and exciting to look at.  These beautiful porcelain amuse bouche set of 6 spoons will do the trick and get your next party off to a great start.

They are also lovely for a tiny dessert when you want something rich but don’t want to overwhelm your guests with a heavy meal.  A chocolate truffle would be beautiful and top off any dinner.

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Dueling Edibles: Radishes, Dill & Chives

Radishes Dill and Chives salad

Image from 1000 + 1


Radishes are often called the “instant gratification” crops of the garden, because they are easy to grow and go from seed to harvest in practically no time at all. Dill is super hardy and rules the container garden; while chives will grow in just about any type of soil with varying degrees of sunlight. These three garden edibles are surprisingly versatile, and any way you prep ‘em, they are sure to please your impromptu cocktail hour guests.

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Nontoxic Spring Cleaning

Nontoxic Spring Cleaning makes it easier and safer for your family!

There are certain things that we always think of when we hear the word “spring.” Among them are daffodils, rain galoshes, and of course, spring cleaning. While we can usually think of plenty of ways we’d rather spend our time other than cleaning, we admit that we do enjoy the post-winter opportunity to open the windows, clear out all the cobwebs and start fresh.

In recent years, you’ve surely noticed a nationwide effort by many around you to eliminate toxic cleaners from their homes. This makes perfect sense to us; after all, it is pretty counter-intuitive to wipe off a smudge of dirt with a dangerous chemical.

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